Every day, New York’s students fall further behind, but there is something we can do about it. Right now, there is a real solution on the table in Albany that can dramatically improve New York schools: the Education Tax Credit.

Please take 5 minutes to call your local elected NYS Assembly Member. Remind them they need to act to improve New York’s education system.

Below are the 3 easy steps:



Here is the number to reach the switchboard in the NYS Assembly: (518) 455-4100.  An operator will direct your call.




Before you call, read the tips below:

Remember, you’re dialing a switchboard at the State Capitol. An operator will direct your call.

Tell the operator you’d like to speak with your Assembly Member and, if you don’t know who he or she is, then give them your home address (e.g. 123 Main Street, Albany, NY 12345). When the operator connects you to your Assembly Member’s office, tell their staffers that you are calling to urge them to support the Education Tax Credit (Assembly Bill # A.2551-A) and get it passed into law.

Remember to be clear, courteous, but firm – your Assembly Member can make a difference!



Use your own words or use the script below to help guide your conversation. Remember to be clear, honest and nice – your Assembly Member might be the deciding vote!

Here is the number for you to call:


Assembly: (518) 455-4100



Hi. My name is [FIRST NAME, LAST NAME] from [CITY].
I am calling today because I want you to know that I support the Education Tax Credit, Assembly Bill # A.2551-A.

I am urging the Assembly Member to support this important bill and get it passed into law.

[If you’d like, choose one of the bullets to share below.]

  • The Education Tax Credit will increase investment in public education and scholarships.
  • The Education Tax Credit will encourage charitable donations to education without requiring additional property taxes.
  • The Education Tax Credit will encourage donations to critical school projects like art and music classes, tutoring, and career counseling by sending money directly into classrooms.
  • The Education Tax Credit will reimburse teachers paying for school supplies and projects out of their own pockets.