Why educators should support the proposed Education Tax Credit New York’s hard-working teachers go out of their way year round to ensure that the students in their classes have what’s necessary to be successful. Teachers across New York State collectively spending millions of dollars out-of-pocket each year for classroom supplies and instructional materials. Unlike most … Read More

Statement from Invest In Ed Coalition Spokesman Bob Bellafiore

March 2, 2016 “Today we heard from a several of Albany’s usual suspects who once again trotted out their opposition to the proposed Scholarship Tax Credit.” “Let’s be clear about what these groups want — for school choice to be the exclusive purview of families who can afford expensive and exclusive private schools or homes … Read More

Education Tax Credit Shows Early Momentum in 2016 NYS Legislative Session

The 2016 session of the New York State Legislature kicked into gear this week with Governor Andrew Cuomo’s state of the state address, and action by the State Senate on legislation for an Education Scholarship Tax Credit. As part of his state of the state speech, Governor Cuomo unveiled his 2016-17 Executive Budget proposal which … Read More

Invest in Ed Statement on Governor Cuomo’s Budget

Scholarships for low-income, working families essential part of a progressive agenda For Immediate Release: January 13, 2016 Contact: Bob Bellafiore, bob@stanhope-ny.com, 518-928-8471 ALBANY, NY (January 13, 2016) — The Invest in Education Coalition today issued the following statement regarding Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Executive Budget proposal: “Governor Cuomo shows a progressive agenda must give poor and … Read More

Invest in Ed Congratulates Senate for Passing Scholarship Plan

Bipartisan support shows focus on beneficiaries of scholarships — lower income and working families ALBANY, NY (January 11, 2016) The Invest in Education Coalition today congratulated the New York Senate upon its overwhelming bipartisan approval of a bill that creates a new scholarship plan aimed at helping lower-income and working families attend private schools, and also creates a first-ever tax benefit … Read More

Leading NYC Educator Endorses Education Tax Credit

Calls on State Assembly to pass bill this week For Immediate Release: June 18, 2015 Contact: Bob Bellafiore, 518-928-8471, bob@stanhope-ny.com New York, NY (June 18, 2015) – David C. Banks, the highly respected founder of Eagle Academies – a successful network of schools serving at-risk young men in New York City – today endorsed the … Read More

Statement on Assembly Ed Chair Cathy Nolan’s Phony Last-Second Tuition Tax Credit

Statement from Invest In Ed Coalition Spokesman Bob Bellafiori: “Assembly Member Nolan’s last-second proposal is a phony-baloney ruse that’s as misleading as it is useless to families in need. She continues to oppose real school choice for middle class and lower-income families.” “While rich people have choice in education, Assembly Member Nolan is only willing … Read More

Union Leaders Speak Out to Support Education Tax Credit

Call on State Assembly to pass bill before session ends next week Labor leaders today called for the adoption of the Education Tax Credit before lawmakers finish their work for this session – which is scheduled to conclude on Wednesday, June 17. With the bill being a priority for Governor Cuomo as well as having … Read More